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Weight Loss For Female-Bodied Queers

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11/8/09 11:04 pm - queerly_fucked - Dave End

I am determined for this to be updated daily.
Every day I'm going to post about something or something personally inspiring to me. You may be able to relate or you may not. Today's guest is Dave End! I met Dave at the Youth Activism Gathering in Turner, Maine last Spring. Fierce, bubbly, witty and covered in glitter, he sang to us about being a chubby queer teenager. Lonely but employing enthusiastic survival to get through it. We exchanged messages after he played and he told me "we're all fine." It was comforting. I'm a young chubby queer also from Maine. Also kind of lonely. I instantly gratified to his music and his emanating warmth of character.

From one of my favorite songs and one you can hear on his MySpace, Phat Camp:
"And if dieting were natural it wouldn't need an industry and if you wanna hook us up then give us cheap nutritious eats not masochistic Ph. Ds. And they make it seem easier to get liposuction than to buy a new a pair of pants and I can't help but wonder if we'd be happier if we could learn how to hold our own hands."

I have been striving to hold my own hand ever since.


7/19/09 11:07 am - queerly_fucked - Guess what I did!

Today is Sunday, the last day of the week. I just want to share that I am weening myself off of carbonation! I have only had two cans of soda this week. Sometimes I'd drink more than that in one day! I find myself craving sweet things and sometimes I find them. Last night I had a dream about them. Haha.

I went for cupcakes the other day and that's all I got. Nothing else unhealthy. Not even PopTarts because I know those are one of my binge foods. No soda. No burritos. No candy. I think I'm doing good for not having done this in so long.

I am going to give myself a poke of ink for every week that I accomplish my goal. Maybe I'll start with every day instead until feel like I have better control. Eventually, it will be something simple like a star.

3/7/09 04:25 pm - queerly_fucked - Sexy femmes.

Sixty degrees out today! Yes! Everyone is outside and enjoying themselves. The weather is making me more aware of my body since when I took off my hoodie while walking home...I noticed all the jiggling. I'm not comfortable in my own body because of all this jiggling. I'm no longer comfortable naked.

I was very hungry when I walked a mile home this morning. I ate a minneola and then fried some eggplant. Deliciousss.

I know I still ate ice cream today and a couple cookies. The ice cream was a treat and the cookies have reduced fat. I wanted something flavored to drink so I got Vitamin Water instead of empty calorie soda. I am now accepting that things need to be taken slowly. I can't just go from one extreme to the other overnight.

I went to The Femme Show last night. It's about femme identity within the queer community. All body types completely UNAFRAID to show us what they have. It was so beautiful.

3/1/09 03:10 pm - queerly_fucked - Oh hi there.

March 1.
New month.
Months of overeating and bodily abuse with food. Months of not caring. Months of new stretch marks. What now? I am becoming more accepting of my body, despite all the eating things I know I shouldn't. Oh the soda I have consumed! The fast food! The sugar!
Can you believe there's actually a post on this community? I want it to live again! Baby steps. I'm taking baby steps. I drank tea this morning and I'll probably make more before the day is through. I'm NOT drinking soda today. I don't like the way it makes my body feel. Water is much more refreshing and replenishing anyway.
I'm doing this now because I don't like climbing up a flight of stairs and being winded, my heart pounding. I can't even take a walk and sing on-key! Too winded! Something is wrong there. I try to dance every day. It's fun! I bet it's helpful, too.
You know what's good? I think I'm cute.

I REALLY love dancing to this and all it's remixes. I know I have posted it before... XD

1/10/09 01:10 pm - queerly_fucked - The Waistland...very interesting facts.


Just a few samples:

ChastitySF.com, a Catholic site, tells dieters to imagine a "Purgatory where every unnecessary mouthful of food you have ever taken will be purged from you as flaming vomit."

Last year, a Republican Mississippi state legislator proposed prohibiting restaurants from serving obese people.

Active obese people are almost 50% less likely to die of heart disease than sedentary thin people.

12/25/08 06:33 pm - queerly_fucked - I'm fucking serious this time.

New year.
Done gaining weight.
Need to stop.
Will stop.
Gotta eat better, gotta love myself more with every passing day. The days will keep passing and I'm not going to add to the scale.

"How long have you been overweight?" Says the doctor to the patient.
"All of my life." Smirks patient to doctor.
Bulging over my shirts, bulging out of my pants.
Uncomfortable, awkward...please don't take my picture. Please?

Insecurities piling up. You'd think there would be a limit to the number of problems one has.

Fuck, I want to overcome.

"I am just a speck of dust inside a giant's eye." Kimya Dawson.

Writing as therapy. My brain will not rest. Will not rest. Will die.

I am in a dream. Everything I see is a dream. -Don Miguel Ruiz taught me that. I try to remember.

207. I weigh 207.
Our area code. If I leave Maine, maybe it'll drop.

12/6/08 09:41 am - queerly_fucked - 5 Things About YOU.

Here's what I know: there are 28 of you out there that are members of this community. I know what that means. Do you? It means that there should be 145 pieces of LOVE and RESPECT and ACCEPTANCE on here at comments. Or! Make your own post! Yeah! You deserve your own post, don't you?  Fuck yes you do! Just look at you. You're beautiful! List 5 things you love and accept about your body the way it is right now and compare them to Nature or something else you like. This will be one in a series of lists asking you to reflect on yourself and be introspective. It won't take long! Go!

1.) The white and sprawling stretch marks that cover my thighs, arms and breasts are like shots of lightning. It is the energy within my body unable to be contained anymore. It is energy bursting forth from within. Hot and striking and loud.
2.) My legs are blonde and furry like a cuddly teddy bear's. It keeps me warm and protected.
3.) The pink marks on my hips and belly are like scratches from lovers' nails that have never faded away. These marks are passion.
4.) I love every single mole on my body. They're like star constellations, especially the triangle patterns. My body is covered in connect-the-dots.
5.) I love the zit on my neck because it's fun to pop. XDDD

12/4/08 02:25 am - queerly_fucked - Mango Kiss.

Yummm mango for breakfast tomorrow. Probably granola and a piece of toast?
Exercising 1 hour on the Gazelle every day for Brazil on the 27th. I know my self-esteem will be higher if I do that even if I don't lose anything.
I just ate a tangerine. There's a bag of them in the refrigerator. Plenty of apples. Carrot sticks and hummus. A few overly ripe bananas. About a cup of grapes. Almonds and...the ones that look like acorns. Can't say I don't have the tools to make better food choices. Cup of tangerine green tea with honey in the morning. More water. Plenty more water. I like planning.
Things to keep me distracted tomorrow:
A million papers and projects.
Dealing with Student Services.
Doctor's appointment.
Getting pierced!

Mhm. How is everyone else? Relevant or not to this community. I just want to know how you are.


11/19/08 11:53 pm - queerly_fucked - Random update.

Hello everyone.

I don't know how to cope with cellulite and stretch marks. I don't want to think of myself 10 years and more down the road.

Help me. v_v

11/14/08 11:44 am - queerly_fucked - Back.

I ate an apple for the first time in two months today.
I'm making progress.
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